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Sunday 14th January 2018

Sheesh!  Am I still writing these things?!  Okay well here we are - New year: same Doctor!
I write this about 6 months later (edit - it's now a year and 7 months later!)!  But I am still only four stories behind!  That is how slow we've been!  Anyhow it was time for a story that would make Shaun and Leigh happy - Sarah Jane's last as a regular companion!  Let's see what happened when Sarah Jane wore something from Andy Pandy's wardrobe (reference for the kids there...)


MJ: "Okay, that's picking up (the recording device)!  Yes here we are around Jason's, it's the new year.  Happy Who Year everyone.  It's Sunday night, because Jason works."

Mark: "Goddammit."

Jason: "And nobody else is prepared to do ANY other Sunday that I don't work!!"

Shaun: "And we all hate ourselves."

Jason: "The third Sunday I've worked in a row now!"

Mark: "I said I was free any Sunday and everyone else decided they wanted to piss YOU off."

Jason: "Anyway Happy Who Year because we're all happy."

*Leigh laughs*

MJ: "We are, and we're watching The Hand Of Fear, which I won't say much about.  There's an explosion -"

Jason: "- Don't spoil the explosions!  It's got Doctor Who in it!"

Mark: "I haven't seen a hand yet - let alone hands."

Jason: "Give it time!"

MJ: "The original title was The Hand-job Of Fear!"

Leigh: "Not: The Hand Of Fear That Rocks The Cradle?!"

Mark: "I was looking for HANS - a Swedish guy..."

MJ: *Whilst munching on crisps* "And we're around Jason's and I'm eating crunchy crisps!"

Jason: "Most crisps are crunchy..."

MJ: "And it's Part One - turn it up!!" *Laughs*

Leigh: *Pointedly* "YOU'VE got the remote to turn it up!!"

MJ: "Oh yeah..."

Shaun: "Seriously."


Shaun: "By Bob Baker and somebody else."

Leigh: "Danny Baker?!"

MJ: "Dave Martin that would be."

Jason: *Looking at TV* "Is that a new font?"

MJ: "They are the ones who came up with K-9 and wrote various stories.  Anyway, here we go..."

Photo 1: At Jason's house.
A fuzzy photo by Shaun!
MJ, Mark (with the sign),

Jason (with the DVD case) & Leigh.


MJ: "So that was the end of Part One and Elisabeth Jane Smith -"

Mark: "Sarah Jane."

MJ: *Laughs* "Sarah Jane Smith - I'm getting her name mixed up!  Roy 'Skeleton' (Roy Skelton) was in it!"

Shaun: "Someone's called 'Zazzka'!  Who was called 'Zazzka'!?"

*Mark chuckles*

MJ: "Roy was King Rokon!  Who was King Rokon!?  Must have been right at the beginning!"

Leigh: "Was he the leader of the horse people in Lord Of The Rings?"

Mark: *Laughs* "Yeah, I think so."

MJ: "I don't remember seeing him as I usually recognise Roy 'Skeleton'.  But yeah that was Part One and Sarah Jane's been possessed and she's grabbed a hand which they found in a quarry."

Jason: "You don't KNOW she's possessed!  She just looks miffed.  No-one's SAID she's possessed yet."

MJ: "No, She's 'Miss' Smith - not 'Miffed' Smith!" *Laughs to self*

Jason: *Looking at end credits* "Yay!  I was... nearly born!"

*Leigh and Mark laugh*

MJ: "I was!  So yes, she's possessed and she's broke into a nuclear power plant to drop the hand off - which is now...." *Notices Jason looking at The Book* "Don't look at The Book yet!!"

Jason: "I'm looking at the year!"

MJ: "They just said!"

Shaun: "Also Leigh made a pun."

Jason: "There was a pun!  Somebody made a pun!"

Leigh: "Can't remember what it was!"

Jason: "Something with a hand probably."

Leigh: "Yeah."

Jason: "Handy.  That'll be handy..."

MJ: "Oh yes because Sarah Jane is dressed like Andy Pandy (an old Children's TV character that wore a stripey outfit!  Sarah has stripey dungarees in this) somebody said 'Handy Pandy'.  But there was a better joke (Which we forgot!) but never mind.  Part Two!" *Laughs*

Photo 2: At Jason's house.
Another fuzzy photo by Shaun!
MJ, Mark (with the sign),
Jason (with the DVD case) & Leigh.


MJ: "So that was the end of Part Two and there was lots of people getting - I was going to say 'Obsessed'!  But no, they were possessed by Eldrad - or The Hand."

Mark: "Yeah."

MJ: "Saying 'Eldrad must live' and all that!  Sarah Jane's okay now-ish...."

Jason: "We think."

MJ: "We think!  What other things in that?"

Jason: "Erm.... corridors!"

Shaun: "We had her and The Doctor ducking radiation - apparently!  I'm not sure that's correct..."

Jason: "It's like smoke - it goes up!"

Shaun: "No it isn't."

Jason: "Yes."

Shaun: "No."

Jason: "I've seen that documentary... of the old couple in the cartoon."

*Leigh chuckles*

Shaun: "I'll say something properly about this.  It's moving at a good pace.  Which is nice."

MJ: "Mm.  And well shot as well.  The Director, Lennie Mayne, was quite a good and popular Director.  He's doing different things with camera angles and stuff.  That's quite good."

Jason: "I think he overdoes it!"

Mark: "Is this the first one he directed?"

MJ: "I don't know - I know he died young  He did direct a few (He actually directed three Pertwee stories before. The Hand Of Fear was the last Doctor Who he directed).  Lots of people talk fondly of him - in podcasts I listen to."

Mark: "I like the direction - I like that he's laying on the floor!"

MJ: "Haha!  Yes!  Are you enjoying this so far, Jason?"

Jason: "Yeahhhh it's alright."

MJ: "It's alright?"

Jason: "I'm in a bit of a crappy mood."


MJ: "Ahhhh!"

Jason: "I can't decide - well, I've seen it before and it was an alright one and... it's just alright."

MJ: "I can't say I remember much about it."

Jason: "It's just lots of running around.... and radiation."

MJ: "I know I'm expecting to see bits that haven't happened yet - so it's leading up to that and I'm like 'Okay, c'mon!  Where are these?!'" *Laughs*

Mark: "Do the duvet guys come back?" (They were guys on a space ship right at the start who were wearing, what looked like, duvets!)

Jason: "As I have no memory of them at all..."

*Leigh laughs*

MJ: "No, I don't think they must."

Mark: "They never reappear."

Jason: "I hope they do!"

Mark: *Laughs* "Maybe in a Steven Moffat episode - I don't know..."

Jason: "I still have no recollections of why they were in it!"

MJ: "No..."

Jason: "Is 'The Hand' - one of those guy's hands?"

Leigh: "Yeah I think so.  It was The Hand Of Fear man's hand!"

MJ: *Laughs* "It was called 'The Man Of Fear'!"

Mark: "Is it because they blew up The Obliterator?"

MJ: *Laughs* "Don't blow up The Obliterator!"

*Leigh laughs*

Mark: "That's what they said!  'The Obliterator has been blown-up!'"

MJ: "Oh wow!  That's terrible!"

Mark: "Yeah!"

MJ: "How about yourself Mr Leigh?  Is this jollying along alright for you?"

Leigh: "It's FINE.  I wish we'd find out who the hell Eldrad was as we're halfway through it now!  I don't know who he was.... is!  He must live!"

*MJ laughs*

Shaun: "Eldrad's the hand!  He's the guy who was blown-up on the ship at the start!"

MJ: "Yes."

Shaun: "And there was a three million to one percent chance that he will live..... as a desiccated hand!"

MJ: "So the hand's left - perhaps he needs nuclear power to regenerate."

Mark: "Ohhh I wasn't paying attention right at the start!  So I don't really know why they blew-up the ship."

Shaun: "I'm guessing that will be explained later but..."

Mark: "Oh okay."

MJ: "I'll explain later... as the Doctor often said!" *Mark and MJ chuckle* "As I said during the episode I like -"

Shaun: "- Big butts and you cannot lie!"

*Mark chuckles*

MJ: "I like big butts and I cannot lie and I think that Sarah Jane does a very good hypnotised kind-of drunk kind-of look to her."

Jason: "Absent."

MJ: "Yeah, absent.  Absinthe!"

Leigh: *Sarcastic* "Yeah she's good at being absent." (He's still not a fan!)

Shaun: "I was hoping we would go back to the early characterisation when she had some agency and intelligence but apparently not."

Jason: "She's an intrepid reporter!  Stop it!"

MJ: "What do you mean?  She's been hypnotised, so it's not her fault if she acts a bit woozy!"

Shaun: "No, it's the writer's fault for AGAIN not giving her agency over her character or plot!"

*Leigh and Mark chuckle*

Jason: "Her agency was 'Get hit over the head by a rock'."

Shaun: *Laughs* "Yes!"

Jason: "Be in a coma for a bit... she's ALL the range!!"

Leigh: *Laughs* "ALL the range!"

Shaun: "She's showing off her acting ability!"

MJ: "Are you saying she doesn't have the range?!" (setting Leigh up for a parody of Dame Shirley Bassey from a comedy series called Rock Profiles by Matt Lucas and David Walliams)

Leigh: *Puts on this Dame Shirley Bassey parody voice* "She doesn't have the range, darling!  Doesn't have the range!"

MJ: "Well, there we go.  Just trying to think of any of the other characters."

Jason: "We must say a quiet word for the doctor man with the spanner."

MJ: "Oh with the rubber spanner?  Yeah."

Leigh: "Carter?  The Unstoppable Sex Machine!"

*MJ laughs*

Jason: "He was stoppable!" *Leigh laughs* "He fell off a...."

Leigh: "Gantry."

Jason: "That's the word I was looking for."

Mark: "All he ever wanted was a spanner made of metal..."

MJ: "'Eldrad must live!' he said and then he went to hit someone up on the high balcony but obviously that someone got out of the way - The Doctor did - and he just fell with the momentum of holding a fake rubber spanner!  It was too heavy for him!"

Mark: *Laughing* "The weight was all off!  He wasn't balanced!"

Jason: "He probably thought it was an ACTUAL spanner and the weight distribution was a bit off." 

*Leigh laughs*

Mark: "Yes it was."

MJ: "As soon as he picked it up it was obvious that, yeah, that's a rubber spanner!  There was nothing convincing about it at all!  They should have had him pick up a REAL spanner and then cut it in the scene."

Mark: "Yeah there's really no need to change the spanner."

Jason: "They need a CGI spanner."

MJ: *Laughs* "'CGI Spanner'!  That sounds like a character!"

Jason: "It does - from The Bill!"

*Leigh laughs*

MJ: "Yeah!"  *Puts on dopey voice* "Aww hello CGI Spanner!" *Normal voice* "I'm doing the voice of - who's that idiot character (from The Bill)?  Reg!  There was one called Reg who was a bit of a dopey one."

Jason: "There was!  I was going to say 'I don't know anyone from The Bill' and you've pointed out that I DO know someone from The Bill!  Him and Tosh!"

Leigh: "Garfield."

MJ: "Burnside!"

Leigh: "There was a PC Garfield."

MJ: "Sherlock Holmes..."

Jason: "Miss Marple."

Leigh: *Smiling* "PC June Ackland!

Jason: "Yes!!"

*Leigh laughs*

MJ: "June Ackland!"

Jason: *Laughing* "Very good!  Keep going!"

*Leigh laughs*

Shaun: "PC Tucker Jenkins slash Mark!" (Tucker Jenkins was from Grange Hill - a kids TV show set in a school and the actor then went on to play Mark Fowler in UK soap opera Eastenders!  You wait for a few years when we have the glorious Doctor Who/Eastenders cross-over episode!)

MJ: "Yes Tucker Jenkins was in it."

Leigh: "He was!  He was a bad policeman"

Shaun: "Aww."

Jason: "Yeah."

MJ: "Tucker's Luck... and with that, onto Part Three!"

Photo 3: At Jason's house.
Shaun (with the sign and
with the DVD case).
I think he was not feeling well so didn't pose
with the rest of us for fear of us all getting the lurgy.
Or he was grumpy!  Cannot recall now!


MJ: "So end of Part Three and Shaun has just said it's gone off on a really weird tangent, this one.  They've left Earth now, with Eldrad, who is (now) a grey woman covered in stones.  A silicone-based life-form."

Mark: "Silicone-based life-form." (Thanks Repeaty-Jim!)

MJ: "They've taken her (Eldrad) to her planet as it is now - with the atmosphere pretty much gone and all that - and they've ended up with her being - well, somebody threw a javelin, or something, at her.  So there you go!"

Jason: "She took a shiny blue thing to the chest."

Mark: "It had liquid in it as well."

Jason: *Reading the credits* "Lenny Mayne!"

MJ: "That was quite good - I liked her - she was pretty good."

Jason: "I'd be happy with her as a companion.  She wouldn't fit in too well with the historicals."

MJ: *Laughs* "No!  She had a very deep voice didn't she?"

Jason: "I'm hoping that was an effect."

Mark: "No that seemed an effect to me."

MJ: "Do you reckon?"

Mark: "Yeah."

Jason: "There was a bit of chorus going on there."

MJ: "Ahh okay.  'Cos I was thinking 'Is that an effect or is that her actual voice'?"

Jason: "We'll have a look at the DVD extras and see her interviewed."

Shaun: "No!"

MJ: "I don't know that she was on there?  I don't remember..."

Mark: "She might have smoked a lot in between and now has that voice."

MJ: "She might be dead!" (as I type this up in July 2019, she was still alive!)

(After some talk about Gotham, Wonder Woman and other such stuff!)

Shaun: "I'm really confused by this one - in a good way.  We got to the end of the first part and I thought 'Alright, I know how all this is going to go!' - and then, just suddenly, 'Yeah we're f**king off to another planet'!" *MJ laughs* "And it's all about trust." *Smiles* "And now you've been javelin-ed through the heart!!"

MJ: "Yeah.  I think her trust issues are going to be heightened by somebody throwing a javelin in her heart!"

Shaun: "It's not going to help the situation."

MJ: "It's NOT going to help - it's going to exacerbate it!" *Laughs*

Mark: "She appeared to not be able to trust herself - because she set up the booby trap, by the looks of it, and has just walked into it!"

*Shaun laughs*

MJ: "And it did stab her in the boobies!"

Mark: *Laughing* It DID stab her in the boobies!"

Jason: "What happened to.. was it Driscoll?  The more casual guy at the beginning?  The one who put the thing in the fridge?"

Mark: "Oh, yeah."

Shaun: "I'm assuming he died in the radiation chamber."

Jason: "Oh okay.  'Cos he was a big part of it....and then he wasn't!"

Shaun: "But then he did walk into the main radiation chamber!"

MJ: "I've completely forgotten him."

Mark: "I do miss his bouncy hair."

Jason: *Laughs* "His what?!"

Mark: "I do miss his bouncy hair."

MJ: *Quietly* "I don't remember him..."

Jason: *To Mark* "I'm sure you do!  I miss his big open collars."

Mark: "He left the room a lot and all you got to see was his hair bouncing out the door!"

Jason: *Laughs* "He left the room a lot!?"

Mark: "Yeah!  That was his main job - to leave rooms - with messages for other people!"

Jason: "Well let's crack on with the final part of The Hand Of Fear!"

Shaun: "Yeah!"

MJ: "Mmmm!  Part Four!"

Shaun: "You've put in an unacceptable break!"

Jason: "Well I need a pee.  And Leigh's got a jacket on which either means he's becoming a duvet - or he's a bit cold.  And he needed the toilet!"

Leigh: "I did."

Shaun: *Laughing* "Leigh would be more than happy to miss a small part of Doctor Who to get this over with quicker!"

MJ: "He missed four episode last time!" *Laughter* "Part Four of: The Foot Of Joy!"

Shaun: "What??!"

MJ: *Gruff voice* " 'And of Fear! The Upper 'And of Fear!"

Photo 4: At Jason's house.
A fuzzy photo by Shaun!
MJ (with his hand of fear hovering!), Mark (with the sign),
Jason (with the DVD case) & Leigh.


MJ: "And there you go (Leigh) - you have your wish!  There's no more Sarah Jane!"

*Leigh cheers*

Shaun: "Well until we watch the K-9 spin-off!"

MJ: "And then The Five Doctors!  But there you go!  A little side-note there, at the end when Sarah's going off whistling, she couldn't actually whistle.  That's somebody else.  A man is doing that!" *Laughs* "But yeah a nice touching little scene, that, at the end..."

Jason: "Yeah it was if I hadn't known about it."

Shaun: "It was absolutely typical Doctor Who of: Right, we need rid of her - " *Leigh laughs* "- what do we do?!  Right we'll let her have a massive fit, then we'll seed the next story up - with the Time Lords - so she's got to go anyway, making the first thing pointless!"

MJ: "Uh-huh."

Shaun: "And then she'll be fine with being sent away!  Also, right at the end, she'll look back as if thinking 'Oh maybe he's re-appeared' - but no.  It was just a cluster-f**k of endings!" *Mark laughs* "It's like three endings there and they needed one!"

Leigh: "So what was the spoiler on the box?"

MJ: "Well the sticker on the DVD box that says 'Sarah Jane Smith's final classic story'."

Leigh: "Oh right, yes!"

MJ: "So if you didn't know she was leaving -"

Shaun: "But you already told all of us that!!"

MJ: *Sheepishly* "Oh right, yeah sorry..."

Shaun: *Laughing* "We all knew this was the last one with her!"

Mark: "You were seriously hinting that for weeks now!"

MJ: "But Sarah Jane - sorry, Elisabeth Sladen, said that she wanted to leave but 'as long as you don't kill me and don't marry me off'!  Because those were the two obvious options for female companions back then."

Shaun: "Yep!"

Jason: "Have a strop - that was the next one."


MJ: "They said 'Do you mind if we give you a toy owl, randomly that you can carry!" *Leigh laughs*

Jason: "She's worn lots of different outfits, with however many seasons she been in the show now."

Shaun: "Yeah."

Jason: "She left with: A toy owl, a tennis racket and a coat!"

Leigh: "And a pot plant!  And a suitcase.  So..."

Jason: "I didn't see the suitcase.  I was looking for that!"

Mark: "There was a suitcase, yeah."

MJ: "It could be a Time Lord suitcase!  So it's bigger on the inside!" *Laughs*

Jason: "Or she's left all her clothes with the Doctor."

Shaun: "So if this was now The Adventures Of Sarah Jane and the Doctor left her - he's pretty much got the Poochie ending of 'I must go now - my planet needs me!'" (Poochie was a character in The Simpsons - actually it was in The Itchy & Scratchy Show WITHIN The Simpsons.  I didn't know that - I had to look it up to see what a 'Poochie Ending' was!  Thankfully it was less rude than my mind imagined it!)


MJ: "Also, you know, The Doctor has a massive wardrobe there, so she probably didn't go in with very much.  She's just been wearing stuff that had been in his wardrobe.  'Cos didn't she wear some of (Second Doctor companion) Victoria's dress or something at one point?"

Shaun: "She did."

MJ: "Yes."

Jason: "He wrote about it."

MJ: "So there we go.  Did you enjoy The Hand Of Fear?"

Shaun: "Yes, but it was VERY confusing and the science was TERRIBLE!"

Mark: "The science was awesome!!"

Shaun: *Laughing* "The science was awful!"

Jason: "I believed all the science!"

Shaun: "It was un-science!"

Mark: "They scienced the f**k out of that!  That's what they did."

Leigh: *Laughing* "The second half was better than the first half which was mainly running up and down gantries!"

Jason: "I disagree!"

Mark: "I really like gantries AND the running up and down of them!"

Shaun: "Yeah, the first two parts were the standard set-up for everything - then it just went MENTAL!"

*Leigh laughs*

Jason: "I always like an office or - "

Shaun: "But maybe that's why there's two writers!  The other guy wrote the second half!"

*Leigh laughs*

Jason: "Yeah it did go a bit mental and in the last episode they seemed to just cram a lot in!"

Shaun: "Yeah!"

Jason: "A lot that would have been an entire... season!"

MJ: "Was it a good villain?  Both the people who played the villain?"

Mark: "I liked them both for VERY different reasons!"

*Shaun laughs*

Jason: "The woman was better -"

Leigh: "- Yeah!"

Shaun: "The woman was ACTUALLY good."

Mark: "Yeah."

Jason: "I liked the costumes."

Shaun: "The man was so over-the-top and terrible that I kind of loved him as well!"

Mark: *Laughing* "He wasn't terrible!"

MJ: "It was like Brian Blessed portrayal."

Mark: "It was!"

Jason: "Not quite."

MJ: "Or someone who's been in a lot of Shakespeare plays.  I tell you something in his delivery reminded me of Omega (the villain from the Third Doctor story The Three Doctors)." *Does Omega impression* "WHAT IS THIS!!??"

Shaun: "Yeah but he didn't have the saving grace of us thinking it was Matt Berry!"

Mark "Yeah!"


MJ: *Singing in Matt Berry style* "Turn around!!" *Laughs*

Jason: "I don't know that I would title it The Hand Of Fear if I was writing it."

Shaun: "No.  But then I suppose they were hiding the fact that it was going to be more than just that hand being the villain."

Jason: "When do they EVER hide any threat!!?"

Shaun: "No, good point!  They do it with the Daleks and the Cybermen."

Photo 5: At Jason's house.
A fuzzy photo by Shaun!
MJ (with his hand of fear hovering - but Mark has now noticed the 'threat'!),
Mark (with the sign), Jason (with the DVD case) & Leigh.

Mark: "I think this is the BEST title they've had for ages because there was an actual hand and it was creepy.  Like for two episodes it was just a hand!"

Jason: "Yeah."

MJ: "I think it was a decent story for Sarah Jane's last one though."

Jason: "No!"
Shaun: "Not for her though!" 

Mark: "No."

Jason: "She didn't do anything."

MJ: "She acted... possessed!"

Jason: *Laughing* "She acted.... as Sarah Jane!"

Shaun: "Basically controlled for two episodes and then she was a bit scared of a log over a chasm - out of nowhere."

MJ: "Well that was a bit ridiculous, yeah."

Shaun: "And then she cocked a strop and f**ked off!"

*Mark and Leigh laugh*

Jason: "Well that's even more range then we talked about earlier!  That's added an extra three things to it!"

MJ: "It is!"

Jason: *Listing them* "Coma.  Scared.  Stroppy!"

Shaun: "It would have been nice, in Sarah Jane's last story arc, if she was the focal point of it and actually got to be a good character."

Leigh: *Never a Sarah Jane fan* "Yeah but the problem is she's not any good, so it would have made a really awful story!"


Shaun: "I've REALLY come around to your way of disliking her!  When she started she was a GOOD character!"

Jason: "Good in Genesis Of The Daleks.  Do you remember that intrepid reporter from Robot!?"

MJ: "Well I hope we get to a companion you ALL like soon!  Who knows!?"

Jason: "Yeah the next story - that will be a good one!" (He jokes as he knows there is no new companion in the next story!)

Shaun: "Why, is Karen Gillan (Eleventh Doctor companion) the next companion!"?"

Jason: "We're not far off...  We won't spoil it!"

MJ: "No."

Shaun: "Do we not all know who the next companion is then?"

Leigh: "I don't know who the next companion is."

Shaun: "Oh fair enough."

Mark: "I don't know."

MJ: "I do."

Jason: "I think it will be fairly obvious from the opening titles of the next one." (No it won't!)

MJ: "What, The Deadly Assassin?"

Jason: "Well not THAT one!" *MJ laughs* "Unless you count the Kentucky Fried Master as one!"

Shaun: *Laughing* "Yeah the Deadly Assassin is the new companion!  Every time a Dalek shows up in the next couple of series it's just suddenly stabbed in the gut!" *Leigh laughs and Shaun puts on an acting voice* "Well, that's that disaster averted!  What shall we do next!!?"

Leigh: *Laughing* "Briefly renamed Doctor Who and The Deadly Assassin!" *Laughter* "And Their Murders Through Time and Space!"

Photo 6: At Jason's house.
Shaun (with the sign and
with the DVD case).
Just to prove Shaun was not alone
MJ snuck in the selfie -
along with THE HAND OF FEAR!!

MJ: "So what do we give it score-wise?  And then we read The Book!"

Jason: "Six!"

MJ: "Six from Jason!"

Shaun: "Wow."

Jason: "I'm thinking five - but I'll go with six!"

Shaun: *Laughing* "Okay!"

Jason: "'Cos I liked the chair - the chair was lovely!"

*Leigh laughs*

Mark: "The purple one?"

Jason: "Purple AND shiny!"

MJ: "Shaun?"

Shaun: "I'm going to give that a seven!  The first half was fine but the second half was bat-sh*t insane and I loved it!  So, seven!"

MJ: "Yeah!  I would also agree seven.  I was thinking that 'cos I liked the villain - I thought that was good.  I liked both versions of the villain.  They were very different!" *Laughs* "Scene-chewing and then more glamorous!  I thought Sarah Jane played hypnotised well and The Doctor was fun!"

Mark: "I liked the mind-reading effect as well - I just remembered that.  With the blue eyes."

MJ: "Ohhhh yeah yeah!"

Jason: "I did not like that."

Mark: "I liked that 'cos it was sh*t but great!"

MJ: *Laughs* "Sh*t but great!"

Mark: "Yeah.  Seven as well."

MJ: "Seven as well?"

Mark: "Yeah."

MJ: "And Mr. Leigh?"

Leigh: "Yeah I'll go with the herd and say seven too."


Shaun: "Is that one point for everything and six points for Sarah Jane leaving?!"


Leigh: "It would have got more points if she had been run over by a combine harvester!"


Shaun: *Smiling* "From what I remember the next one she appears in has her, K-9, Anthony Stewart Head and actually also isn't very good!  So you can continue with your theme of disliking her!!"
MJ: "Well then you're wrong!"

Jason: "Yes."

MJ: "Because the next one she is in is The Five Doctors!"

Jason: "Is she also in the Children In Need one?"

MJ: *Laughing* "She IS!  Dimensions In Time which we WILL watch!" *Laughs*

Jason: "Does Dot Cotton appear in it?"

MJ: "I don't know that she does?!"

Leigh: "Well she's already appeared in an episode of Doctor Who!"

Jason: "Oh I know that!  I wondered if she reprised her role!"

*Leigh laughs*

MJ: "And Jon Pertwee in it says:" *Puts on Worzel Gummidge voice* "'Ooo Aunt Thalleh!  I'm Worthel Gummidge!'  He says 'What year ith thith?!'" *Jason laughs* "So anyway yes, that's The Hand Of Fear - join us next time - "

Leigh: "- Jason's got to do The Book thing!"


MJ: "Oh yes!  The Book - sorry!"

Shaun: "Also how can anyone join us if you don't write these up any more!?" (Good point, but I am slowly getting there!!)

MJ: "I'm just a bit BE-HIND!!"

Shaun: "Are you just talking to the rest of us!?"

*Leigh laughs*

MJ: "It's horrible!  So, c'mon!"

Jason: "Oh God." *Reads from The Book* "Sarah, possessed by a fossilised hand, hijacks a nuclear reactor..."

Shaun: "Boom!  That is better and more concise than I could have explained it!"

MJ: "It's not wrong!"

Jason: *Reading from The Book* "Oldbury Nuclear Power Station, Gloucester' - well I say 'Gloucester' it just says 'Glos'! - provided the main location with The Doctor depositing Sarah in a cul-de-sac in nearby Thornbury.  Eldrad's hand was a glove with a fake wrist, worn by Steve Drewett and made to move by CSO -'"

MJ: "Yep!"

Jason: "Yeah." *Continues reading from The Book* "'- or by inserting it through a hole in specially made props'. - I never would have guessed!!  The bottom of a Tupperware box!"


MJ: "No."

Jason: *Continues reading from The Book* "'Verdict: Judith Paris and Elisabeth Sladen positively shine in this fast-moving contemporary thriller - "

Shaun: *Smiling* "Well, the one covered in reflective surfaces certainly shined!"

Jason: *Continues reading from The Book* "'- although the Part Four Kastria scenes are tacky.  Sarah's departure is beautifully underplayed by the two leads'." *Slams The Book shut* "'Eight out of ten!'"

MJ: "Eight out of ten!  Oh well there you go!  So it's one more than the general seven-ish of us!"

Shaun: "Except for Jason who dragged us down with a measly six!"

Jason: "Well I probably would have marked it higher if I hadn't had to work today!"

MJ: "Awww - that's no excuse!"

Shaun: *Smiling* "Are you rating the day in general?!"

Jason: *High pitched* "Yeah!" *Laughter* "It's HOW I FEEL!  Some days affect my viewing pleasure - yeah!"

Shaun: *Smiling* "Fair enough!"
MJ: "And with that joyousness we bid you good day and goodbye and all that!  See you next time!  Bye!"

All the others: "BYE!!!!"

Photo 7: At Jason's house.
A final collage photo just to show the high-intense fun we have!
Mark, Jason and Leigh!


Phew well that was that!  Finally written up after we all had a year off from doing this Doctor Who stuff!  As a reminder here are the scores again:

Shaun: 7

MJ: 7

Jason: 6

Leigh: 7

Mark: 7

Which gave us an average of 6.8 of out of 10.

Okay so our next meet up would see the return of The Master - albeit a crispier version!  Hopefully it won't be a year until I write that one up too!

Until then, to use the Hartnell quote I finish with every time, I shall return, yes, I shall return...

MJ - 12/08/2019